"As a professional sports photographer for the past 15 years I am privileged to say that I work around some of the worlds most elite athletes. Because of that I have had the opportunity to sample many of the products that they endorse.  Most of these products have fallen short of their claims. So when I heard all the buzz going on about the CREATE 38 ATP, initially I was a bit skeptical. I decided to try it on a day I planned a backcountry ski tour. After a large breakfast I took three of the little yellow/orange capsules. I got a little tingling sensation on the surface of my skin due to the niacin about 20 minutes after ingesting. That was the first time I had experienced that sensation and I liked it. It only lasted for a short duration. After that I didn't think much of it, but then hours later as I was hiking up a ridge in waste deep snow and my level of fatigue was far less than normal. Once I got home and finished dinner I took three more capsules.. One of the best parts that I find about CREATE 38 ATP was after I got up the next day I wasn't even sore and due to the fact there are no stimulants in the formula you can take in the evening or before bed for recovery. CREATE 38 ATP is a clean burning supplement that supports my natural energy levels with absolutely no crash.  It also speeds my recovery time so that I am ready to get up and go day after day.*



"I've been using Create for almost a month now, and I'm very excited about it!  I've been taking one every morning, and I've noticed a real boost in energy level--not in a "caffeinated" or hyper way, but in a more consistent feeling of more drive, more endurance and more ability to go harder.  This has been awesome for climbing, running, hiking and skate skiing!  I've also been feeling generally more motivated and more cheerful over the last few weeks, and I think it's because it's just fun to be operating at an improved energy level all the time and seeing results. Thanks CREATE 38!"



"Between a packed schedule of work, training, and weekend missions, I've continued to search for nutrition and supplements that are not only backed by science, but noticeably improve my performance. I've tried many supplements from legit companies such as Onnit, but never experienced the benefits that the studies and testimonials supported. The function of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in cell energy-storage processes is well documented, and I was excited to tryout the formula from Create. Within a week of starting the supplement I experienced noticeable improvements in muscle recovery from the prior days training. Excited about the results, I began to experiment with dosing and timing, and settled on two pills taken immediately after training or at the end of a big day. The real test came during a marathon day of climbing 10,000ft vertical, and two fantastic wingsuit flights down before boarding a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong, followed by another 4 hours to Chengdu, China.  Past experience told me I'd arrive weak, and so sore that it would take several days before I could really train again.  While I was stiff initially as I collected my bags and made my way to the hotel, I felt good and went straight into a 10k run to shake off the jet lag.  My normal training resumed the very next day.

And then there's the Niacin flush, which initially can be alarming to some, but I liken to getting a warm flush of blood flow all over my body.  If you want to learn more I recommend Dr. David Williams site.



I love that Create is more natural than most of the food I’m buying these days.  Create38 ATP gives you energy by adding many of the micro nutrients that have been lost through modern farming practices like selective breeding and GMO processes back into your diet, allowing your body to create more energy from the food you’ve already eaten.   It’s not a bunch of stimulants crammed into a pill, it’s healthy natural energy that you are maximizing from your normal diet.

I use create when I need a boost of energy for extended periods of time.  It’s not a RedBull, or vitamin B12 supplement, so don’t use it that way.  Create is for when you need lasting energy, whether its for a weekend trip, a month long adventure,  a busy lifestyle or if you are wanting to give your lifestyle a boost.  You won’t get the “high” or “spike" that you get from energy supplements , you just don’t run out of energy, don’t feel tired, and don’t get the low as with other supplements and drinks.  

I typically take 3 pills a day, but only for about 2 days before and during the time that I need lasting energy and endurance.  Even though others benefit from higher doses and continuous use I have never taken more than 3 a day, because I’ve never needed to. Thanks for the perfect supplement for my lifestyle!



The perfect day for me is filed with as many different activities as possible. Hiking to an amazing BASE jump, getting in the water for a surf and going for a ride in the hills is what I would call a Trifecta…There is always something exciting to be done. Having the energy to do it all is sometimes tough. I’ve found my diet is a huge factor in being able to explore and experience life at a highly active level. Sometimes after a solid day of strenuous activities I feel soar and less motivated to repeat what I did the day before.I find myself needing a bit more then just a healthy diet to carry me onto the next activity.When I take create I feel like I get the most out of my daily diet, I feel considerably less soar the day after. Which makes me want to continue to make the most out of every day.When I first started taking CREATE 38 ATP I didn’t like the niacin flush. Now I know its just me getting FIRED UP for an epic day. I really like it before getting into the ocean for a morning surf. It makes any wetsuit just a bit warmer.. Another benefit I get from the formula is I  feel less jet lagged after long days of travel. Also it helps with feeling less hung over in the morning on those special occasions I decide to drink.