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A Message from the Founder

Hello fellow athletes and enthusiast!

I am very excited to have the opportunity to

introduce the CREATE 38 Product Line which

includes our patented formula. What we had

aimed to do was to utilize a patented formula, to

optimize your body’s metabolism, and combine it

with some power food, creating “infusion fuel”.

“We created recipes with whole raw foods combined with our patented

Vitamin/Mineral supplement maximizing your caloric intake. Our foods are

dehydrated under 105 degrees keeping enzymes live and thus promoting optimal

food absorption.”


Power • Endurance • Recovery

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Why We Create

Our team is comprised of World Class athletes and some of the most extreme adventure-minded people out there, so we designed fuel to help keep them going.

By infusing each of our products with the Create 38 ATP supplement, we’ve amplified your options for fuel intake to boost your energy, push endurance, and promote quick recoveries to get right back out there.

Tested, approved, and sworn upon by B.A.S.E jumpers, yogis, full-time supermoms, and everything in between, our products were created at the highest level to help you get the most out of your life. 


U.S. Patented formula* that works by supporting your body's metabolism on the molecular level, enhancing overall performance.


CREATE 38 Collagen Lip Balm

Formulated with natural conditioning oils, this lip balm stimulates the replenishments of collagen.  Long lasting, light weight moisture for immediately softer lips.


Chocolate Raw Food Bar

Rich blends of raw organic cacao, vanilla bean, and coconut are blended together with walnuts and almonds to create a delicious and nutritious energy bar. 


Cherry Vanilla Raw Food Bar

Sweet organic cherries and raw organic vanilla bean swirled together and packed with superfoods to give you all natural energy. Grab on the go or as a pre-workout snack.

CREATE 38 ATP is a U.S. Patented formula* that works by supporting your body's metabolism on the molecular level enhancing overall performance. So whether you are engaging in strenuous adventures, running around with your family or building your empire, you deserve to function at a premium level with all the energy you need to get it done without the crashing components of stimulates. When you take CREATE 38 ATP you are ensuring that your body is running at its utmost efficiency by:

  • Using an all natural, safe formula with no stimulates.
  • Clinical studies show insulin effectiveness,  utilizing glucose uptake in muscle cells.
  • metabolizing  lactic acid in the muscles and help in the production of energy in the cells, resulting in faster recovery with less muscle soreness.
  • Supporting your living cells  overall health. 
  • Increasing the optimal functionality of turning food into energy.

For more information click here to read the patent on our formula, which includes a detailed scientific description, background of the product and full list ingredients.

* U.S. patent #8,344,032 B2 and Canadian Allowance #2,831,265

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