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Jhonny Florez Fundraiser

"We took Jhonny's face from a selfie he took while riding an airplane to altitude for a wingsuit jump and imposed it to this vectored image of him flying (his favorite thing to do besides spending time with me and our dogs, of course). We bring this shirt to you, available NOW for pre-order so that you can wear your support for Jhonathan Florez, a true legend in the sport of wingsuit flying.  - Kaci Florez

Male Tee

Pre-order yours today. All profits go to the Florez Fundraiser Fund.


Female Tee

Pre-order yours today. All profits go to the Florez Fundraiser Fund.



U.S. Patented formula* that works by supporting your body's metabolism on the molecular level, enhancing overall performance.                  


CREATE 38 Collagen Lip Balm

Formulated with natural conditioning oils, this lip balm stimulates the replenishments of collagen.  Long lasting, light weight moisture for immediately softer lips.


Chocolate Raw Food Bar

Rich blends of raw organic cacao, vanilla bean, and coconut are blended together with walnuts and almonds to create a delicious and nutritious energy bar. 


Cherry Vanilla Raw Food Bar

Sweet organic cherries and raw organic vanilla bean swirled together and packed with superfoods to give you all natural energy. Grab on the go or as a pre-workout snack.

CREATE 38 ATP is a U.S. Patented formula* that works by supporting your body's metabolism on the molecular level enhancing overall performance. So whether you are engaging in strenuous adventures, running around with your family or building your empire, you deserve to function at a premium level with all the energy you need to get it done without the crashing components of stimulates. When you take CREATE 38 ATP you are ensuring that your body is running at its utmost efficiency by:

  • Using an all natural, safe formula with no stimulates.
  • Clinical studies show insulin effectiveness,  utilizing glucose uptake in muscle cells.
  • metabolizing  lactic acid in the muscles and help in the production of energy in the cells, resulting in faster recovery with less muscle soreness.
  • Supporting your living cells  overall health. 
  • Increasing the optimal functionality of turning food into energy.

For more information click here to read the patent on our formula, which includes a detailed scientific description, background of the product and full list ingredients.

* U.S. patent #8,344,032 B2 and Canadian Allowance #2,831,265

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Science + CREATE 38

Of all the things we need to do in this life breathing tops the list for most people. It is a seemingly basic process, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, but why does it happen?

This is an excellent question that many scientists tried to solve, and in 1953 a Nobel prize was awarded for the discovery of a fundamental process of the human body that explains this phenomenon, among others. The process that causes this is called the citric acid cycle, better known as the Krebs cycle, named after its discoverer Hans Krebs. 

Simply put, the Krebs cycle is how our cells convert food into energy. The energy is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and the waste is the carbon dioxide that you exhale.  In other words you can say the human body is essentially like a car. You eat food, which you then create energy with the food, and you output exhaust in the form of carbon dioxide.

Fatigue during high intensity exercise may be viewed as a mismatch between the rate in which ATP is utilized and the rate at which ATP is produced in working muscles.  By bringing equilibrium back within your system, resulting in faster recovery, a lasting strength and more endurance.

At an optimal level, scientific studies indicate you can produce up to 38 ATP moles for every molecule of glucose your body generates from food sources.  When you take Create38 ATP you help bring equilibrium back to your system, resulting in faster recovery, lasting strength and more endurance. Essentially you operate at a peak level by getting better fuel milage from the food you consume by helping your cells naturally convert energy more efficiently.

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